Monday, October 13, 2008

Joey's New Trick

climbing the stairs!
Originally uploaded by katiej721
My little baby is officially a stair-climber!
He's been trying with little success for a while now, but as of last week he has mastered this new skill.
And nothing, I repeat nothing, distracts him from wanting to show off his new trick!


Kate said...

Lookit that cute little bum!

darcie said...

People always told me having an infant was hard - I always knew that once they got mobile - like REALLY mobile - ie: your Joey on the stairs...THAT is when things got just a bit tougher!!
How cute is he!!!

The Broken Man said...

Cute pic! Hope you enjoy blogging and manage to keep it up. Try getting some guest bloggers in on the days when you just run out of things to say - I rope my long-suffering wife in!

The Broken Man

Christa said...

Yay for Joey!!!

I want to pinch his little bum!